Testimonials – Flowers School

I was fortunate to do a workshop with Ms Meghaa

The unique quality she  possesses is guiding the students diligently but at the same time not curving their initiative and creativity.

She would provide a very user friendly environment at  the boutique and a  very   relaxed atmosphere. The results were awesome, so much so that I do my own workshops now.

Aradhana Rathore

My experience was a pleasant one

I have been able to put into practice the theories, that I have been taught.

Especially the garland with rose petals and how to properly fold the finishing of the draping for the arch.

The best place to learn how to do flower design is no other than in a flower Shop Namely Flower Box.

Through observations I am now very good at doing hand tied bouquets.

Thank you all of you great staff of Meghaa!!! Flower Box. I will definitely come back again for more refresher courses.

Gina Myln Bloom, Seychelles

Completed the design course & thoroughly loved & enjoyed each class

Meghaa is approachable, clear in her teaching & a positive critique.

Best part was there were no restrictions as to what we could use from the store to make the arrangements, which was very welcoming.

Have decided to take up the next level course as well.

Theja, Software Engineer

Meghaa is a patient and joyful teacher

She showed me the basics and with that my confidence and abilities were able to flower (pardon the pun).

I had fun doing the course and learnt a skill I will use for life. Thank you Meghaa!

Indiana Gordon, Rangeela Goa