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About The Brand

Meghaa founded Flower Box in 2005. It has retail florist, an online product store, a floral arrangement school, and offers speaking engagements and workshops on self-awareness through the appreciation of beauty.

In all of its activities, Flower Box is grounded in the highest principles of quality, service, creativity, and care for customer enjoyment and satisfaction.

Our expertise lies in:
  • Enliven a living area or a work space through flowers.
  • Adding glamour and style to any occasion.
  • Customized floral decor for events.
  • Beautiful selection of Signature arrangements.
  • Extending the longevity of flowers so that our customers are able to cherish their freshness and beauty longer.
  • To innovate and constantly raise the bar for flower decoration.
  • Educating people about flowers and flower design through Flower School.

It is our sincere pleasure to serve you.