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With great attention to beauty, design, integrity, and spirituality, and with a desire to build an enterprise embodying those values, Meghaa has become India’s premier floral and decoration designer.

Her creations grace elaborate weddings, corporate functions, private homes, wherever the details that create refined feelings are valued.

Meghaa’s floral training enhances and informs her natural tendency towards graceful and exquisite expression. She became a certified Master at the Ohara School of Ikebana in Tokyo, studied with Yukio Otani of Umahana, with Chrstopher Lim in Singapore, and with Kaz Ichikawa of the MAMI Flower Design School in Japan and Thailand. She has studied in florists workshops in Belgium and London.

Her dedication to quality is evident in the relationships she has made with flower growers. She visits all of her suppliers, in India and abroad, ensuring she obtains the highest quality and freshest flowers for her customers. Small details, such as wrapping paper, ribbons, are sourced from unique suppliers.

At Flower Box Meghaa is raising the standard of floral design in India. She has developed a well-trained and dedicated team, allowing her to create large and complex installations. Her ability to train people in floral arrangement is also evident in the classes she continues to offer in flower appreciation and floral design.